Hyundai Worker suspended for collecting signatures to ratify right to organize at workplace

Ramesh, a permanent worker in body shop floor of Hyundai Factory , Sriperumbudur was suspended for 5 days on 23rd of February on allegations that he engaged in union activities at the factory site. Ironically Ramesh, an executive committee member of Hyundai Motors India Employees Union (HMIEU) is accused of engaging in seeking signatures for a petition asking Indian Government to ratify ILO conventions 87(Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize) and 98(Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining) in the factory site on April of 2012. Hyundai has not recognized HMIEU till now.

“I was given a show cause notice on the issue on July 6th based on a complaint from a supervisor. There was a internal hearing for the last 10 months. The management had a lawyer throughout the hearing but I was denied any representation by the lawyer” said Ramesh.

He stated that “While the management did not prove their allegations, I was given the burden of proving my innocence”. After more than 8 months, Ramesh, who has been an employee with Hyundai for 14 years was given 5 day suspension, a move that has been opposed by other workers. In solidarity with Ramesh, Hyundai body shop workers participated in hunger strike during work on 26th.


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