Hyundai contract worker injured in factory

A contract worker who has been employed with Hyundai for 10 years was injured with multiple fractures  when he and 4 others were asked to clean an assembly line in body shopping.  The accident happened in the night shift after tea break at 5AM. A supervisor instructed Mani, 41 year old contract worker and 4 other workers to clean the assembly line assuring them that the line had been switched off. According to sources, Mani and another worker who were standing on the machinery to clean were caught by surprise when the line was switched on. While  the other worker managed to jump off the line, Mani was caught in the machine and it allegedly took 20 minutes to extricate him from the machinery.

Injured Hyundai contract worker

Mr. Mani, a father 3 girls was admitted to Stanley Medical Hospital and has no health insurance or ESI coverage. It is not clear if  Hyundai will take primary responsibility for the worker as principal employer. According to Sridhar, president of HMIEU(Hyundai Motors India Employees Union), this is the second accident in last 6 months. Another contract worker Janakiraman apparently died in August 14th when he was pumping the sewage water and the hose broke causing Janakiraman to faint and die due to fumes from the water. Sources also allege that with the sewage treatment plant in Hyundai not functional fully, the sewage water is pumped out to nearby lake. In Haryana’s auto sector, reports have been published on loss of fingers and limbs by workers due to unsafe working conditions. (

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