AICCTU protest in solidarity with PRICOL workers’ struggle

V. Arun Kumar

New Delhi, 08 Dec 2015: All India Central Council of Trade Unions (AICCTU) on Tuesday organised a protest in solidarity with the workers struggle in Pricol Ltd, Coimbatore. Recently, eight workers of Pricol Pvt Ltd, an auto company in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu were given ‘double life-term sentences’ by a Trial Court in Coimbatore in connection with a case of ‘murder’ of company’s HR vice-president. In 2009, Pricol witnessed a massive workers movement against the company for its notorious for its anti-worker, anti-union activities, continuous exploitation, arbitrary dismissal, wage cuts, employing contractual labour in core production and so on. The continues refusal by the company management to cater for genuine demands of the worker ended in a conflict out of hand situation and led to the death of the HR vice president.

Photos: V. Arun Kumar

Photos: V. Arun Kumar

The Pricol movement was part of the nationwide labour unrest against the increasing exploitative and anti-worker phenomenon seen from Pricol to Regent Cements (Puducherry) to Maruti Manesar and so on. Since Maruti Manesar issue the country has witnessed so called quick and ‘pro-corporate’ judgements and observations like “denying bail to workers because it affects the investment atmosphere”. And at the same time, millions of Indian workers are reeling under the intense anti-worker environment perpetuated by the government- judiciary- corporate nexus in India.

Comrade Agnitra from AICCTU giving a brief about the Pricol movement spoke on the increasing worker exploitation and changes in labour laws. “The workers are continuously being turned into a mere wage labour with all his/her rights being taken away under the present Modi-led government for corporate houses,” said Comrade Nayanjyoti from KNS. Stressing on the importance of nationwide workers’ solidarity, Comrade Vasudevan of NTUI argued that workers struggle will only get stronger with increasing corporate on-slaught.In the end, Comrade Santosh of AICCTU expressed his solidarity to the struggling workers of Pricol and that the trade unions will fight against the anti-labour laws and assault on rights of workers.

The increasing confrontations between workers and company management are results of attempts to change the already anti-worker atmosphere drastically in the favour of corporate companies by enacting anti-worker and anti-trade union rules and regulations.

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