Flash protest by Hyundai workers at Irungattukottai plant

Over 800 permanent workers of Hyundai in Irungattukottai went on a flash protest at the end of the 1st shift today. The workers demanded collective wage agreement and reinstatement of 14 dismissed workers.

Photo credit: Senthil Krishna

Photo credit: Senthil Krishna

The previous collective wage agreement by Hyundai management and UUHE, the recognized union in Hyundai has ended 10 months ago. HMIEU, the rival union had initiated a hunger fast in December 1st. Due to the rains, the hunger fast could not be continued and was resumed today. Meanwhile, Hyundai and UUHE had agreed on a overtime schedule tomorrow(sunday) and workers were dissatisfied with the attitude of the management, which they feel has stalled the wage agreement.

At the end of the 1st shift, over 800 permanent workers from both unions stopped the buses from departing and went on a flash protest inside the plant from 3 PM. After 2 hours, the UUHE representatives met with the workers and promised prompt resolution of wage agreement and that the dismissed workers would be taken back. The workers have ended the strike and the hunger fast and have agreed to resume their work tomorrow.

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