10th Anniversary of Pricol Workers Struggle Celebrated in Coimbatore

‘Celebrate the struggle, Struggle in Celebration’ is the slogan that Pricol Workers have taken up on behalf of their jailed comrades on the 10th anniversary of the struggle. In 2007 March 3, the Pricol Workers Struggle was started. On 13.03.2016, over thousand workers and family participated in a commemoration event scheduled in Coimbatore.


Source: AICCTU

Speaking on the event, Comrade Deepankar, General Secretary of CPIML(L) said that the posters on the events has highlighted the evolution of Pricol Workers struggle from workers to a social struggle. He commended the continuing struggle as a beacon to class struggle. Highlighting the suicides of more than 3 lakh farmers, he deplored the attitude of the State which has allowed the loan evaders such as Vijay Mallya who has looted crores of money from banks and Lalith Modi, who are allowed to leave the country safely. Sedition cases are being filed on those who are voicing for democrarcy and justice, whether it is those who fought against Koodankulam Nuclear Plant or revolutionary singer Kovan who sang against liquor or JNU students. The struggle is being waged from multiple fronts. In Tamil Nadu, as elections are nearing, there are several alliances emerging whether it is DMK, ADMK, Vaiko or BJP. The only true alliance can be that will struggle for workers and people. It is time for students, workers and peasants to come together and forge a solidarity in their struggle.

In his speech, AICCTU National Leader Comrade S. Kumarasamy said that Pricol workers did not go to prison because of corruption charges like Jayalalitha or Kanimozhi. They have gone to prison on a class struggle. Their prison has housed V.O.C a champion of workers struggle in colonial times and was given double life sentence for his strugle for independence. Today, the eight pricol workers who have also been given double life sentence are continuing this legend. Pricol Workers will soon be free. Towards this, we should initiate a campaign between March 23rd and April 14th on the tradition of Bhagat Singh’s struggles and Ambedkar’s democratic struggles.

The events also was marked with music by Coimbatore Cultural Group, release of workers manifesto and felicitation of legal support which continues to work for the release of the workers. TKS Janardhanan library was also inaugurated in the Pricol Workers Union Office.

The entire struggle of Pricol Workers is available here for more details.

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