Were workers asked to appear for work during Cyclone? HMIEU petitions Labour department

Hyundai Motors India Employees Union (HMIEU) has submitted a petition to Labour Department against the leave policy by Hyundai during cyclone vardah’s landfall on December 12th. Due to the intensity of the cyclone, Labour Department had issued an advisory asking companies and establishments to shut down during the day of landfall. However, according to HMIEU, Hyundai had operated the first shift in the company until 3:30PM. HMIEU has also alleged damages in Hyundai factory during this time. HMIEU has initiated a complaint against the company as the company insists on those workers who could not come due to the intensity of the cyclone to use their leave. This was not an isolated incident in Hyundai alone. Other companies including MRF in Thiruvottiyur had followed the same process, thus pushing the burden of natural disasters onto workers. The complaint in Tamil by HMIEU is attached below.

Download (PDF, 228KB)

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