Workers pledge to build a socialist society on Bhagat Singh Martyr’s Day

Over 750, young and old comrades, local and migrant workers from organised and unorganised sectors, women and men came together to pledge to fight for a socialist society envisioned by Bhagat Singh on March 23rd, the martyrdom day of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajaguru. In the rally and the public meeting organised by Revolutionary Youth Association(RYA) in Sriperumbudur, unions and workers from AICCTU, AIARLA and ULF participated in large numbers. The workers and the youth were from Chennai, Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur Districts. The rally began with Parai Isai by Ambedkar Nala mandram comrades.

Speaking on the occasion, a young women worker from Sanmina said that the pledge was to liberate the workers from the bondage of capitalism. The workers of Sanmina had recently struck work. They had led an onsite protest for over 5 days between March 7th and 11th after a HR manager used abusive words towards a coworker . As the Sanmina worker said, working there was  an exercise  in bondage that Bhagat Singh had spoken about.

Presiding over the public meeting, comrade Rajaguru of AICCTU talked about how Bhagat Singh had not only talked of national liberation but also of working class liberation. He highlighted the neo bondage conditions of working class at the hands of multinational companies whether they are in Sriperumbudur or Manesar.

Comrade Rajesh of Asian Paints read the pledge to abolish all forms of discrimination among workers whether its contract/permanent, or men/women or caste discriminations. The workers stood and solemnly took the pledge towards working for the liberation of the working class.

Speaking on the occasion, Comrade Velmurugan, one of the freed Pricol 8, highlighted the divisions among the workers in Pricol. He traced how the management termed the union ‘maoist’, as they united under one banner and started leading struggles against their exploitation.

Comrade S.Kumarasami, National President of AICCTU, traced the struggles of Maruti workers and Pricol workers. He highlighted his recent visit to Delhi where he met with Maruti workers and asked Sriperumbudur workers to learn from the united front of the working class(temporary, contract and permanent workers) against the management. Specifically he applauded the recent tool down by workers of all Maruti factories opposing the unjust judgment that has incarcerated their comrades. He deplored the pro corporate attitude of the Haryana Government which asked for capital punishment for workers on behalf of capital. He asked why no action has been taken against those responsible for the unfair imprisonment of 118 acquitted workers who had been languishing in the jail with no bail.

Workers from Renault Nissan, Hyundai, Asian Paints, Sanmina, C&F, Tenneco, Gymkhana Club, Madras Club, Padma Metals, Soundarya Decorators, Diamond Engineering donated funds towards the public meeting.

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