34 permanent workers lose jobs for 388 contract workers: Omax Update

16 more permanent workers at Omax Autos, Dharuhera, were sacked in the past week, taking the total number of permanent workers sacked to 34. With this entire union body has been fired as a punishment for fighting with the 388 contract workers who had been retrenched on 1st Feb 2017. Permanent workers of Omax Autos, had joined the protesting contract workers after the unfortunate suicide of one of the contract workers, Com. Ajay Pandey on 13th February due to loss of livelihood.

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The sacking of union body comes after failed conciliation talks with the labour department officials. This assault on the workers representatives comes in the back drop of the MAruti riots case verdict, in which 13 workers, including 11 office bearers of the union in 2012 (when they were arrested), have been sentenced to life imprisonment. The working class in Gurgaon-Dharuhera-Manesar-Bawal belt has been rising in rage recently against the injustice meted out on the jailed Maruti workers. It is ironic but no coincidence that this victimization of union members mirrors the conviction of  13 Maruti workers.

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The 388 contract workers have not been taken back, neither has the management opened any dialogue with them. They continue to sit in Dharna outside company gate. Ajay Pandey’s name , the contract worker who committed suicide against their treatment by the company can still be heard in occasional slogans. The permanent workers have been forced to rejoin work after the latest action by the company. Omax has a total of nine Units operating all over India with close to 6 units in the Dharuhera-Manesar belt. It was also reported by the workers that OMAX has shifted some of its production to other units. Unless the workers of Omax Autos, across the region, join with the workers at this plant, any strike at a single unit will be made ineffective by moving production to other units.


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