Workers of the world Unite : Solidarity with the Maruti Suzuki movement

Appeal from Maruti Workers

Maruti Suzuki Workers Union and Maruti Suzuki Provisional Working Committee appealed to workers all over the world to observe 4th/5th April as an International day of protest, against the state-capital nexus which resulted in persecution of 31 Maruti workers.  Workers in many countries including Germany, Russia, Srilanka and U.S.  and workers across India took to the streets and held protests demanding justice for the incarcerated workers of Maruti Suzuki. Central trade unions in India had also given a call to observe April 5th as a day of protest.  A solidarity movement at this scale in support of and by global working class has not been seen for a long time.

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As soon as the judgement of Maruti workers came, working class organizations and unions the world over has held protests, rallies and demonstration against the verdict.

Central Trade Unions in India have expressed shock and anguish at the verdict and have demanded that government stop the support to the management against victimization of the workers.

The movement for Justice has spread globally !

In over 30 countries, From Russia to Hong-kong, various trade unions  and working class organizations  have come out in support of the persecuted Maruti workers.

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Proponents of Neo-liberal ideology may think that international working class can be forced to accept corporate globalization through a nexus with nation states and control over their political institutions but resistance against pro-capitalist verdict shows that global unity of working class may be a strategic reality and not just a utopian dream.

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