May Day 2017 : Reports from Mumbai and Gurgaon

Workers celebrate victory of conservancy workers in Mumbai

On May 1st, occasion of International Labour Day, a victory rally was organized to celebrate the permanency of 2700 contract workers who were with the Bombay Municipal corporation. These 2700 workers who have been fighting for their rights to be regularized since 2007 won their permanency through a Landmark order passed by the Supreme Court on April 7, 2017 through their Union Kachara Vahtuk Shramik Sangh (KVSS).

The victory rally was held at Azad Maidan and organized by Kachara Vahtuk Shramik Sangh (KVSS). Almost 7000 workers participated in this massive rally.

BMC Workers celebrate May Day

Gurgaon-Dharuhera-Bawal-Neemrana workers come together to demand release of Maruti workers

This May Day, in demonstrations across the country, workers remembered and raised their voice for the release of ‘the Maruti 13’, the political prisoners of class struggle.

In Gurgaon and the adjoining areas, workers turned out in large numbers to make Mayday a day for celebration and resolution demanding justice for the Maruti workers and workers all over the world.

In Neemrana, Mazdoor Sangharsh Samiti, an area based organization of workers from various factories, took out a 5 KM rally which passed through the so-called Japanese zone (one of the epi-centers of exploitation and repression in that belt) and finished in Ambedkar park. A meeting was held there in which 100s of workers participated. Workers from Daikin, Honda, Maruti, Toyota, Ruchi beer and many other factories attended the meeting .

Workers collectively discussed ideas on how to fight contractualization, how to ensure that there is equal pay for equal work, that only permanent workers work in core production and how to fight the increasing repression on workers organization and union formations. In the Neemrana Market, workers distributed lemon juice among the people on eve of May day.

Earlier on April 30th, the workers initiated Drama-troupe Pol-Khol (Expose the secrets) had performed the drama “Sultan”, which is based on idea of May day. After performing the play in Neemrana area in three different places, they performed it again in Gurgaon on 1st may among the garment workers.

In addition, there were gate meetings held in all the plants of Maruti and Hondai in the Gurgaon-Dharuhera-Bawal area.

On 4th May, Worker solidarity center, Gurgaon held a meeting with the workers to discuss lessons of May day and challenges before the contemporary workers movement.

Main issues discussed in the meeting were :

(A) Repression on Workers movement by court case, police repression, termination from work, and the strategy to fight it

(B) Increasing contractualization and informalization of work:contract system, apprentice, diploma Workers etc, how to organize them inside plant and in the whole belt, and fight it legally

(C) The challenges and possibilities of regional unity of workers

(D) Working class as a social and political force: lessons from history of class struggle and Marxism

Ramniwas from Provisional working Committee, Maruti had an in depth discussion on May Day history. Rajpal from Honda Tapukara narrated events of repression on workers movement in this belt for last 20 years and workers resistance till Maruti judgment and put forward the agenda to fight it collectively. Amit from Mazdoor Sahyog Kendra discussed the challenges posed by contract and apprentice system and possible strategy to develop a struggle for abolishment of contract work, and equal pay for equal work, and the legal aspects of it. Anil Rana from Daikin shared the experience of Mazdoor Sangharsh Samiti Alwar and discussed the possibilities and challenges for area-wise unity of workers.

Karl Marx was remembered on the eve of his 199 birthday. Surinder, General Secretary of Honda union and Ajit from Bellsonica union discussed the necessity of political struggle of working class and Marxism.

Ajmer, president of Maruti Manesar union, Bhimrao, ex-General Secretary of Hero MotoCorp union, Tyagi from Rico union, Buddhi Prakash from Maruti Power train union, Sanjeev from Ahresty union shared their opinion. Video clipping of The Factory and other documentary on working class struggle was shown and revolutionary songs were sung by Jitender and Somnath.


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