Update: Asian Paints Workers’ strike enters 47th day

Determined Workers are continuing to struggle against the Asian Paints management on their demands of wages, bonus and again the harassment of workers on various pretexts. As the strike entered 47th day, trilateral deliberations between the union, management and labour department continue in stalemate as the management insists that workers stop the strike and sign an ‘obedience bond’ before entering the workplace and negotiating on the demand.

Bouncers hired by management in front of Asian Paints Factory Gate (Photo Source: Indian Labour News)

On 27th January, the case has been moved from Assistant Commissioner’s office to Joint Labour Comissioner who has convened the next meeting on 10th of February.  Before that on 26th January in a meeting of the workers, workers deliberated on whether to continue the strike. ‘Around 200 workers met in a group of 40 and deliberated on the continuation of the strike. The workers said the management will only increase its vilification if the workers go back now and overwhelmingly decided to continue the strike.’ said worker representative Rajesh.

In the mean time, the workers wearing a cloth badge with their demands are doing door to door campaign in nearby villages and meet with village representatives to gather solidarity and to collect finances to sustain the campaign. Labour Classes are also scheduled during the strike for workers by AICCTU to which the workers are affiliated.

For more information on the struggle, refer to earlier reports http://tnlabour.in/?p=2018 and http://tnlabour.in/?p=2037


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