Asian Paints Workers on indefinite hunger fast as strike continues towards 100 days

The permanent workers of Asian Paints Limited in Sriperumbudur have been on strike demanding end to unsubstantiated penalizing by management of workers and demanding just bonus for the workers since December 20th last year( With no progress made in trilateral discussion between the workers, state labour department and management, 5 of the workers have started indefinite hunger fast on March 21st at Union Office in Sriperumbudur.

This follows a road roko at the Gate on Monday March 17th, when workers striking at the gate did not allow any workers or management to enter the factory site and halted the production for more than 3 hours. According to the workers, the management has been continuing the production at the factory site with the help of trainees and contract workers illegally with  increased accidents at the site.

Asian Paints Workers block the factory gate(Photo Credit: Thozhilalar Orumaipadu)

The workers had opted to end the strike after an advice from Labour Department asking for negotiations on demands to continue in the factory and agreed to by both parties. However  the management is said to have asked for increase in production in a sudden move which is opposed by the workers as the production expectations are covered in collective bargaining agreement. The workers refused to discuss these new demands outside of the collective bargaining agreement thus forcing them to continue the strike. As the strike continues towards the 100th day, 5 workers have started an indefinite hunger fast. While the workers have formally lodged a complaint against the continued production at the factory site, the Labour Department has not initiated any action in halting the production while strike negotiations are going on or in protecting the rights of the workers.

Posters carrying solidarity messages from other unions (Photo Credit: Rajavelu)




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