Red Carpet for Corporates and Repression for Workers? Ask AICCTU on the eve of Global Investors Meet

In the insanity surrounding the Global Investors Meet scheduled today and tomorrow in Chennai, as workers and common users of public space were stranded for more than an hour to ensure the passage of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha to the Chennai Trade Center, saner voices prevailed as workers and representatives of AICCTU and RYA protested against the pro corporate and anti worker policies of Tamil Nadu State Government.

AICCTU Protest Sep 9th

The representatives raised the following demands from the State Government.
Release a public paper on all the Memorandum of Understandings(MOUS) signed so far with corporates.
Implement mandatory recognition of unions at workplace.
Implement a minimum wage of Rs 20000 per month, irrespective of occupation.
Abolish use of contract workforce in factories.
Ensure Presidential assent to the languishment amendment for trainees.
Revoke all false cases against workers and worker representatives in the State. Ban the practice of illegal termination, arrest and remanding of workers demanding their rights.
Arrest those responsible in the corporates for violation of workers’ legal rights.
Ensure implementation of sexual harassment complaints committee at workplace.

The representatives have been arrested and placed under custody at a nearby public hall.

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