Gurgoan Auto Workers Rally against Government Policies on Labour

5th Feb 2016, Gurgoan, Haryana

Over 2000 Workers from 20 factories across Gurgoan and Manesar assembled near Gurgoan bus stand to take out a grand rally demanding that the government refrain from anti labour policies and the managements conclude wage agreements with the unions without further delay. They also demanded that the State release the workers wrongly incarcerated in jails as under trails and the management take back the terminated workers who were terminated for attempts to unionize. Here is a photo essay on this protest.

Download (PPT, 9.63MB)

Gurgoan Workers Demand Hinid

  • Stop the pro employer reforms in labour laws and strictly implement the laws
  • Release the incarcerated workers of Maruti Suzuki and repeal all charges against labour leaders
  • Stop contractualising work; establish equal pay for equal work
  • Raise the minimum wage in tune with raising prices to Rs 15000/- a month and implement minimum wages
  • Take back all terminated workers
  • Correct the over 80% of electricity bills that are inaccurate.
  • Stop illegal ‘ola busses’ from plying in gurgoan
  • Stop the wage reduction of contactor workers in Electricity board and resume full allowances for them
  • Stop the attacks on union leaders and register workers unions in 45 days of application
  • Provide workers with ESI, PF, paid leave and other social benefits

A delegation led by the union leaders met the police commissioner and delivered the petition detailing their demands and asking the officials to take the message to the concerned authorities.

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