Faridabad Mazdoor Samachar March Issue – Workers Speak

Faridabad Mazdoor Samachar is a monthly publication in Hindi. It started in 1982 when 1000 copies were being published every month in 2 page format. Currently they publish 7000 copies and distribute it for free by standing on the road-side in shift changing hours. It takes them 10 days to distribute 7000 copies and most of the copies are taken by industrial workers working in thousands of factories in Faridabad and adjoining industrial areas of Delhi.In Faridabad, three-fourths of the factory workers are invisible workers, or workers who are not in the company’s records. 85% are temporary workers and workers hired through contractors. The statutory minimum wages, presently Rs. 3,914 [US$ 83.28 approx.] per month, are not paid to 80% of the work force. Even permanent workers are not paid wages for two-three-four-six months. Workers of hundreds of factories that have been closed have not been paid their legal dues even after five-ten-fifteen years of factory closure. Each issue of ‘Faridabad Majdoor Samachar’ carries articulations of workers of 50 to 60 factories on such issues. First hand experiences of the wage workers makes up most of the newspaper. At Thozhilalar Koodam, we print the ‘worker speak’ section in English and Tamil.

Law no longer co-operate

Capital Radio (Delhi) : 5 workers have lost their hands on the power press in the factory. One worker even lost his thumb. Even though we punch the entry/exit cards at 8.30 AM in the morning and
6 in the evening, Our morning shift actually starts at 6.30 AM. We only get ESI/PF of 50-60 Rupees instead of 60-70 Rupees.

PIC (Manesar) : The factory employs 900 workers. All of them are temporary! They work 12 hours a day in 2 shifts and make Gears. Overtime is even less then single rate.

Shyam Metals (Faridabad) : The situation in our factory is such that Helpers are paid 5600/- instead of 6500/- entitled to them. They are not given ESI or PF. Operators are given 5995/- ESI and PF annually but last years money wasnt even deposited.

Hircom Airflex (Delhi) : In the project and Service centers helpers are only paid 7000/- instead of 9178/- they are entitled to. Even from this 7000/- they deduct ESI and PF. On top of this on the net when we try to check the PF numbers dont match.

Sony industries : Our supposed pay is 7600/- but we are paid only 5600/-. We work 12 hours a day in 2 shifts and are given only single rate overtime. Out of 180 workers in the factory, 150 do not have ESI or PF.

Rajshri Steering (Faridabad) : The helpers are supposed to get 7600/- per month, but instead the old helpers are paid 6890/- and new helpers are paid 5720/-. We do a compulsory 3 hours overtime every day and only get paid at single rate.

LGB factory (Manesar) : Single shift is 12 hours long and we only get overtime at single rate. There are 150 permanent and 200 contract workers at the factory. Even some operators and ITI diploma holders are assigned helper grade and only get 7600/-.

Solar Printing Press : the 400 casual workers at the factory do not get the state level Minimum wage of 9178/-. They instead get 6500/- per month. Not a single one of them gets ESI or PF.

ISK Industries (Manesar) : We work in 12 hour shifts everyday with single rate overtime. Temporary workers are kept at helper grade even when they work on shop floor and only get 7600/- per month. On top of this salary gets paid late, usually between 15th and 18th of every month.

Creative Impacts (Delhi) : In all the factories here, workers who work in production do 150-180 hours of additional overtime every month. In the finishing line it is even more. Overtime is always at single rate. When some team came for inspection on 29th Feb and 1st March, they kicked all temporary workers out for those two days and only kept the few permanent workers in the factory.

Security Guards

An episode to note : In the government offices situated in Faridabad, all guards as well as cleaners are contract based. We were not paid state level Minimum wage, ESI or PF. Finally security guards as well as sweepers of one of these offices complained about this to the government in a letter. Then the contractor was ordered to pay PF to all the workers, which amounted to 4 Lakh rupees. He still hasnt paid us. A new contractor has come, who has kept the same workers and it is claimed that some of the deducted pay has gone into ESI .

Guard employed with Swift Security : In Delhi there are 2000 security guards contracted by Swift security who work 12 hours in one shift. When at Sathyam Cinemas, guards were doing 8 hour shift, the agency’s contract was terminated by the Cinema employers. We dont get a single day leave in a month and so work 30 days a month. After ESI and PF deduction our salary is 11,390/-.

Watchdog Security : Watchdog security has 150 guards who are working in Manesar. We dont get a single day leave in a month and dont get any overtime.

Guard with 24 Secure agency : This Agency supplies over 2000 security guards. Everyone works over 12 hours a day and 30 days a Month. After ESI/PF deductions salary is between 12,000/- to 12,500/- per month. The guards with this agency who work in Faridabad in fact get only 8600/-. If we ask the contractor, he says companies refuse to pay more.

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