Update: Nokia Siemens Workers strike Withdrawn

Following a trilateral meeting between the union, management and Labour Department on Oct 12th, the 57 day strike by Nokia Siemens Workers was withdrawn. At the meeting, the representatives agreed to constitute a  committee comprising of 3 workers from the union and 3 non unionized workers who would draw up agreements on the demands by the union with in 60 days  and complete the agreement in front of Joint Commissioner of Labour from Labour department . Also, the management agreed to complete all the enquiries against the suspended workers within 60 days.

There has been a mixed response to the agreement among workers. As one of the worker stated, “The management has had more than 8 months to resolve this. Why are they asking for more time now?”. They state that the enquiries against the suspended workers have been continuing on frivolous charges such as instigating the strike and unionization. At the same time, the workers also feel that their struggles especially the protest in front of the Finnish Consulate has pushed the management to respond. In the mean time, the workers have returned to work on October 12th and wait for the outcome of the negotiation.

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