Rajamma’s Box

Meghna Sukumar is a trade union organizer and a poet/novelist. This is a short story republished from her blog http://rhymesofaclosetpoet.blogspot.in


The young doctors at the hospital were taking off their coats and leaving their consultation rooms. After 5 hours of OP duty, it was finally lunch time. As they slowly ambled out on to the corridors, Rajamma briskly walked past them, her work had just begun. She went into Consultation Room no.5 and turned off the fan. As usual it was a mess.  She has been a sweeper at the hospital for more than 10 years now.

She mechanically went about her work, pushing around old dusty patient files, boxes of medicines, pieces of cotton on the rickety wooden table when she knocked over a small white plastic container. As it fell to the floor, Rajamma was startled to find a severed finger. She was quite used to the blood and gore having worked in the hospital for so long now, but she had never seen anything like this outside an operation theater. On closer inspection she realised that it was a thumb. She picked it up with a piece of cotton and put it back in the container, placing it on the shelf next to the door.

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