Updates from the Sept 2nd Strike

Thozhilalar Koodam will periodically post updates from across Tamilnadu and India:

Update from Redhills (8:00 PM): DTUC held a public meeting in Redhills to discuss the attack on fundamental rights of the working class and the intense state repression held by workers who are trying to fight back.  The meeting was attended by DTUC member workers from Greaves Cotton, street vendors, and general public.  Photos and details will appear shortly.

Update from Harbour (2:30 PM): More than 1000 workers participated in a strike called by-  North Chennai two wheeler mechanics welfare association, two wheeler maintenance workers welfare association, South Kanchipuram, Motorcycle mechanics welfare association, Poonamalle, calling for the repeal of the Motor vehicles(amendment) act 2016.


Two Wheeler Mechanics Protest against Motor Vehicles Amendment Act

Update from Anna Salai (2:30 PM): Around 1000 workers from state transport corporations courted arrest at pallavan house,  Anna salai. Police refused to permit them to take a rally on Anna salai. Workers blocked the road for several minutes. Auto drivers and factory workers from TVS companies joined them in solidarity. They were demanding the repeal of the motor vehicle amendment act as well as the new pension scheme along with an end to contractualization and sale of PSUs.

Transport Workers' Strike

Transport Workers’ Strike

Transport Workers' Strike

Transport Workers’ Strike

Update from Sriperumbudur (2 PM): Around 150 workers from CITU and AITUC were arrested as they gheraoed a post office in Sriperumbudur. Workers from Hyundai, Fenner, Nippon, Intec, DNF Auto were some of the workers who participated in the strike.

Update from Guindy (2 PM): Over 5000 workers from AITUC, CITU, AIUTUC and LPF participated in rail roko at Guindy Railway Station. Workers were mainly from unorganized sector including construction workers, auto workers, and domestic workers.

Update from Rippon Building, Corporation Office (2 PM):  Over 300 permanent and contract sanitation workers from 15 zones of Chennai corporation  gheraoed at the Corporation Office, Rippon Building. As officials closed the gates, workers sat in and outside of the gate and refused to budge until the gates were opened. While Corporation Officials were not in favor of opening the gates, the workers were relentless in getting the gates opened and demonstrating at the gate. Workers demanded permanent employment, repeal of new pension scheme and minimum wage of Rs 18000.


Sanitation Workers’ Strike at Chennai Corporation Rippon

Update from Purasaiwakkam (1:30 PM): Over 500 workers and union representatives from both organized and unorganized sector blocked the intersection of Millers Road and Purasaiwakkam High Road.

Workers from TK Engg Ambattur, TI DC Ambattur, Central Warehouse Corporation VIrugambakkam, BSNL Employees, Civil Supplies, Loading and Unloading workers,  Thiruvotriyur Model Age Metals and unorganized workers including Loading and Unloading, Auto and security workers attended the protest. Unions including CITU, AICCTU, AIUTUC, LPF and VCK participated in the strike.  Workers included both permanent workers and contract workers.

Workers enforced strike at TK Engg, TI DC Ambattur, Central Warehouse Corporation. Contract workers were employed in Model Age Metals. After an hour of protest, workers were arrested as they tried to gherao BSNL office (which was open as it was considered essential service).


Workers and union representatives blocked the four way corner of Millers Road and Purasaiwakkam

Update from Thiruvotriyur (1:30 PM): Workers, mostly contractual, from the factories around thiruvottiyur participated in the strike that was jointly organised by CITU, WPTC and LPF in this region. They did a salai mariyal (road-roko) for about 20 mins and were later picked up by the police.
95 contract workers from Balmer and Laurie strikes today which led the administration to announce the day off.
Workers of Ashok Leyland and Ennore Foundries striked work today.
Workers from Ashok Leyland, Carbarundam, Ennore Foundries, Eveready, TNEB, BSNL, Manali Fertilizers Limited, MTC, Ennore Thermal Power Station and other factories participated in the road-roko.
The major demands are:
1. National floor minimum wage of 18,000.
2. No privatisation in any public sector undertaking.
3. Increase the pension from 1000-4000.
4. Repeal the new pension scheme.
5. For domestic workers make Rs. 50/hr as minimum wage.
6.  ESI and PF should be implemented for the domestic workers.
7. Pension for women workers from the age of 55.


Thiruvottiyur road-roko

Update from Tambaram (1:30 PM): 50 workers and activists from Garment and Fashion Workers Union and Penn Thozhilalargal Sangam were arrested and are being detained  in Tambaram. As part  of the General Strike, the workers gathered at the MEPZ Special Economic Zone gate in Tambaram to demonstrate and distribute pamphlets demanding that a new minimum wage notification (GO. 59) be implemented at once. This wage notification is coming after years of struggle by the union, and the will provide Rs.3000 increment in the basic wage after 10 years.


GAFWU Demonstration in Tambaram

Update from Manesar (1:30 PM): All 13 Maruti workers have been released. Sec 151 IPC has been foisted on them, date of hearing is 21 September. Total strike successful in Maruti Manesar!

Update from Ambattur Estate (12:15 PM): அம்பத்தூர் எஸ்டேட் பேருந்து நிலையத்தில் பஸ் மறியல் Page 1போராட்டம்  காலை 10.00 மணிக்கு துவங்கியது. போராட்டத்தில்     ஆட்டோ தொழிலாளர்கள்,  அம்பத்தூர் தொழிற்பேட்டை தொழிலாளர்கள், போக்குவரத்து தொழிலாளர்கள், மின் வாரிய தொழிலாளர்கள் என்று ஆயிரத்திற்கும் மேற்பட்ட தொழிலாளர்கள் பங்கேற்றனர். CITU , AITUC , LPF , AICCTU , AIUTUC , போன்ற  தொழிற்சங்கங்கள்  பங்கேற்றன . பின்னர் காலை 10.30 மணி அளவில் அனைவரும் காவல் துறையினரால் கைது செய்பட்டு அயப்பாக்கத்தில் உள்ள திருமண மண்டபத்தில் காவலில் வைக்க பட்டனர். 




Update from Chengalpet (12:15 PM): Around 500 workers participated in a Road-roko (mariyal por) organized at Chengalpet bus stand. After an hour of protest, approximately 400 were detained by the police. The protest was under the leadership of comrade Kannan of CITU and comrade K. Ravi of AITUC. The road-roko was also supported by AIDWA.

Protesters being led to police van for detention

Protesters being led to police van for detention

The striking workers included auto drivers, transport workers, conservancy workers Electricity board employees as well as Chennai Airport cargo workers, Kalpakkam power plant employees, employees with water board and St. Thomas Mount cantonment board.

The main demands of the striking workers were:
(1) Putting an end to contractual employment,
(2) Minimum wage of 18000/- across all sectors, and
(3) Controlling inflation.

AIDWA also demanded security for women workers.

Men waving flag from police detention bus

Update from Manesar (11:30 AM): 12 workers are still inside Manesar Thaina. Union representatives from Honda, FCC Rico, Bajaj, Sunbeam, Munjal Showa, Satyam Auto are putting pressure on the police to release the workers.  Meanwhile, Huge rally of 1000 workers of Neemrana started from Hero Company and entered Japanese zone, after successfully enforcing strike in Daikin and other companies.


Empty factory inside Manesar Maruti


Rally in Neemrana









Update from Manesar (9:30 AM):  The Manesar police has just picked up Com. Khushiram, terminated Maruti leader and member of Provisional Working Committee, MSWU, and Com. Dharmendra, Com. Sandeep, Com. Manoj, all members of current union body inside the Maruti Manesar plant. The police also picked up 5 other Maruti workers from Maruti Manesar company gate when they went to do campaigning for the strike.  The police force has entered the nearby villages and is pressurizing the contract workers to join work. In spite of police repression, the workers refused to enter the factory and have struck work.

Update from Bangalore: 

Garment workers Rally in Bangalore

Garment workers Rally in Bangalore

All over India, workers protested against government for their anti labour policies, fair minimum wage and other demands. In Karnataka, GATWU in association with various other unions participated in the protest. Around 5 lakh garment workers did not work today.

Also GATWU independently organized a protest rally and meetings in Different district where garment factories are located. And submitted memorandum to Taluk Thasildar.

GATWU Karnataka

GATWU Karnataka

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