Being placed in not enough

Umang, Asian College of Journalism

Thousands of engineering graduates in Chennai have been left in the lurch as IT companies are not giving them the date of joining after recruiting them in the campus placement.

Recently engineering graduates from several colleges protested against HCL Technologies which had recruited 6000 students and letters asking them to join were given only to 1300 students only after passing a test.

“Filtering students after recruitment is irrational,” said Dr. C. Chellappan, head of department, Computer Science and Engineering, Anna University on Tuesday.  Chellappan said that due to economic slow down these IT companies were not getting enough projects and that’s why they were forced to filter the candidates.

But IT companies must not restrict themselves to projects only they should also consider other avenues like research and development activities. It would not only help in developing new technologies but also in utilizing all the hired students, he added.

Mohit Chopra, 27, team leader with IBM, Pune, said IT Companies were coping with lack of clients and cash. They picked large numbers of students during campus placements to create a pool of talent from which they could pick their employees as and when needed.

Offer letters were given as soon as cash started to flow in from new projects and new clients; the clients paid for the resources not the companies, he said. “Frankly speaking, most of the IT companies believe in body hoarding. Take as much as you can, at the cheapest rate. Sort of like buying the seeds instead of tomatoes, hoping the seeds would yield more,” he added.

On the other side engineering students are disappointed and clueless about their future.

“Companies should not hire students in bulk in the first place.  Giving us hope and then not fulfilling them is quite depressing,” said Rahul, 23, a Computer Science student, 8th semester,Anna University.

Pranesh, 22, Chemical Engineering student from Alagappa College of Technology, said “One of my friends, passed out from SRM University last year, was placed in HCL. He is still sitting at home. He has wasted one whole year waiting for HCL to call.”

In 2008 when economic crisis hit the US, the situation was similar. Wipro hired students during on campus placement but did not give them date of joining. When students called their HR department, they said the students could join their call centre for a year and then shift to technology department, said Venkat Bandla, 26, a former Infosys employee.


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