Protest by Pennurimai Iyakkam against eviction of slum and pavement dwellers


The world was celebrating the international women’s day on Friday, March 8th 2013, but for more than 70 women who gathered near the Collector’s office, Chennai was a day of struggle for their right to life and shelter. In a protest organized by Pennurimai Iyakkam, women workers and representatives from Unorganized Workers Federation, Kattida Thozhilalar Panchayatu Sangam and Kadolara Makkal Pathugapu Iyakam to demand the following from the State and Central governments

  • To stop immediately eviction of slums and road side dwellers and to ensure protection of their right to life.
  • To implement complete prohibition on liquor sales.
  • To provide houses with basic amenities to the road side dwellers as per the order of Supreme Court of India.
  • To provide ‘PATA’ in the women’s name or joint “PATA’ for the slum dwellers.
  • To allocate housing plots (1 cent each) to the unorganized labours from the land reserves of Slum clearance board and housing board.
  • To allot the houses of Slum clearance board free of cost to the residents who are residing for more than 10 years in such houses.
  • To provide water supply, electricity, education and medical facilities to Kannaki Nagar and Semmanchery areas.
  • To provide houses immediately for the people affected by tsunami in the sea shore areas of North Chennai.
  • To regularize wages and formulate a committee to hear sexual harassment complaints in Tamilnadu Domestic Workers Welfare Board.
  • To regularize the contract sanitary workers of Chennai Corporation and to provide equal wages for women workers.
  • Ensure proper distribution of pension of Rs.3000/- provided to widows, old aged and physically disabled women.
  • Ensure proper implementation of Domestic violence Act in the state.
  • To formulate committees to prevent sexual harassment against women at work places, educational institutions and welfare boards.
  • To ban all immoral and indecent portrayal of women in mainstream media.
  • Ensure that the complaints against domestic violence and dowry are immediately registered in the police stations.
  • To provide adequate relief funds to the victims of acid attacks and violence against women.
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