Unorganised workers protest in front of collectors office

Unorganised workers from various sectors protested in front of Chennai Collectorate on 19th of February on various demands to both State and Central Government. The protest was organised by Unorganised Workers Federation.

The protestors placed the following demands for the State Government and Central Government.

  • Repeal of GOs 122, 123 and 124 which includes Revenue Department in the approval process of registration of workers and welfare measures for the unorganised workers under Tamil Nadu Manual Workers Social Security Act. Implementation of grievance redressal in the social welfare implementation
  •  Effective implementation of social secruity by including independent unions in State Advisory Committee, allocation of 3% budget for social security and increase of the cess to 1% under Central Act. Agricultural Workers Welfare and Fish Workers Welfare to be brought under Labour Department.
  • Implementation of ESI for unorganised sector and removal of procedural impediments in accessing pension for unorganised workers with 15 days of wages computed for pension. Increase in the provision of other benefits including maternity, natural and accidental death, unemployment benefits during seasonal halt of work.
  • Immediate stop of displacement of slum dwellers in the name of beautification and development, and in-situ rehabilitation of slum dwellers and implementation of housing rights for urban working class.
  • Abolition of bonded labour in stone quarries, rice mills, brick kilns, power looms and agriculture and rehabilitation of released bonded labourers.
  • Registration of migrant workers for social security and implementation of temporary ration card, schools and creches for migrant workers.
  • Minimum wage notification for domestic workers and flour mill workers. Legislation of protection of rights and working conditions for domestic workers.
  • Legislation of Street Vendors Act under National Street Vendors Policy and effective implementation of the act to protect street vendors.
  • Direct lease  of land for salt pan workers and unemployment benefits during monsoon to be provided.
  • Effective implementation of Scheduled Castes and Tribes(Prevention of Atrocities) Act and implementation of forest rights.
  • Legislation of rights of agricultural workers including minimum wage notification, land reforms and distribution of surplus land for women agricultural workers.
  • Legislation of Central Act to protect rights of natural resources including land, water and housing for coastal population and protection of the lives of fish workers.
  • Implementation of electoral reforms, decentralised planning, prohibition and effective implementation to stop violence against women and corruption.
  • Become a signatory to UN resolution 1990 on protection of migrant workers across nations and implementation of new ministry for migrant workers.
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