Bhim Yatra: Safai Karamchari’s demand liberation from manual scavenging

On 14th Jan 2016, members of Bhim Yatra, organized a protest in Chennai against the continued prevalence of manual scavenging in Tamilnadu and demanded that this work be abolished and manual scavengers be rehabilitated through occupational training, financial assistance and compensation for having employed in this inhuman profession. The members of the Yatra come from Harayana, U.P, Assam, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu.

Bhim Yatris assembling for the protest

Bhim Yatra members on protest

Babasaheb being garlanded at the protest






The morning erupted to their powerful slogans, here are some of it


Various organizations and individuals from Chennai lent their support to Bhim Yatra and joined the protest along with Safai Karamchari Andolan that organized the protest. Members from Theendamai Vozhippu Munnani (Untouchability Eradication Front), CPML, Adhi Tamizhar Peravai, V Geetha, feminist historian, Prema Revathi, activist, Prof Laxmanan, spoke in solidarity with the workers.

The Yatra, that commemorates Dr. Ambedkar’s vision, has been touring various states in India since 10th December 2015, demanding an end to the inhuman act of human manual scavenging and the implementation of the 2013 Act that legislated to abolish this occupation while rehabilitating the manual scavengers. They reached Chennai on the 13th of Jan and will be touring tamilnadu in the coming week. The Yatra will reach New Delhi on 13th April.

you can follow the yatra on its Facebook page


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