Workers protest after employment termination at Corporation Zone 9

Workers of Swarna Jayanthi Scheme,whose employment was terminated two months ago, came together to conduct a begging bowl protest in front of Nungambakkam Office(Zone 9) of Chennai Corporation. They were working in malaria and mosquito prevention units.

The protest was led by Red flag union. Speaking on the issue, Comrade Sundar Rajan said that contract workers in zones 6 through 9 were laid off with out any notice. The workers have been fighting for their employment since then.

After multiple protests, the Corporation had promised employment to the senior workers. However in zone 9, the Health Officer and the Supervisr have only retained 81 workers leaving 89 workers in lurch.

The speakers on the occasion condemned the actions of the zonal officials and have vowed to intensify the protest if Corporation does not take corrective steps soon.

(Filed by Shankar, MSSW in Tamil)

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